Dear buyers,

In addition to the ongoing work on defects in the apartments, the following is planned for this week on the various construction sites:

Construction site 1:
On construction site 1, the slab installation will continue on the terraces of houses 1 and 3. In addition to paving work in the access area (including stairs), there is also remaining work on the HLS, ELT and clinker trades. The glass railings on the balconies will also be further expanded.

Construction area 2:
All remaining work on construction area 1 (HLS, ELT, clinker and glass railings) will also be carried out in construction area 2.

Construction area 3:
The property boundary to construction area 3 will be expanded with angle stones this week. In addition to the drywall and interior plastering work, the installation of HLS & ELT will continue in both villas. In addition, the thermal insulation composite system/facade work will continue to be carried out on the entire construction site 3.

Here you will find the Victoria Quarter

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