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Press review September 20232023-10-10T11:22:22+02:00

What moves the residential real estate market?

Ladies and Gentlemen

The focus of reporting in recent days has been the federal government's “housing summit”. Many observers were eagerly awaiting Federal Construction Minister Klara Geywitz's new package and what surprises she would bring.

The reactions are different. It has not been the lavish subsidy package that some would have liked. But there are certainly interesting ideas that demonstrate awareness of the problem.

The question is: Will the package provide an impetus and encourage new construction in Germany? That remains to be seen, but the impression is emerging that it will not be enough. The structural problems are too deep, including locally in the states and in the municipalities.

In this newsletter we address the most important topics that have concerned the housing industry in recent weeks. We have compiled the most relevant media articles and studies for you, classified them and commented on them from the perspective of an insider in the residential real estate market.

We wish you an interessting lecture!

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Frank Wojtalewicz

Managing Director
d.i.i. Investment GmbH


Dirk Hasselbring

Managing Director
d.i.i. Investment GmbH

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