Invest smartly
Invest smartly

Condominiums from 186,000 euros in Ludwigshafen – your unique selling point in the competition for skilled workers

Offer deserving employees or urgently sought applicants powerful added value: In the competitive housing markets in Ludwigshafen & Mannheim, high-quality employee apartments are your trump card in the competition for skilled workers.

Remove the biggest hurdle for applicants from outside to move here.

Retain key employees through reduced rents in a top location.

Position yourself as a caring & progressive employer.

Did you know?

employee apartments tax-free by up to 1/3 .

As an employer, you can rent company apartments to your employees for up to a third below the local rent index, without them having to pay tax on the difference as a monetary benefit.

Rested employees perform better

Better performance, fewer absences, higher loyalty: with your apartments in the newly built Mein Ludwigs district, you can relieve your employees of numerous everyday stressors. In this way, you increase their well-being and benefit from more motivated employees.

Your apartments
promote relaxation

Green courtyards and traffic-free paths, the Rhine promenade just a few steps away and cultural highlights in the immediate vicinity - Mein Ludwigs combines the advantages of inner-city living with a conscious deceleration within the district. So that home is a place of relaxation and balance for your employees.

dii - residential real estate

Your apartments
improve work-life balance

schools and daycare centers before work shopping after work - what can be stressful elsewhere only means short distances thanks to the central location of Mein Ludwigs. schools, doctors , supermarkets, etc. in the immediate vicinity. This leaves more time for the beautiful things.

Your apartments
offer comfort

The package is waiting in the parcel locker , the electric car is charging in the underground car park and the evening ends with quiet music on the balcony or terrace - your employees will love this comfort. And you don't want to miss it anymore. Daily amenities, closely linked to you as an employer.

dii - residential real estate

From C-Level to Junior:

Different apartments for different needs

1 bedroom apartments

dii - residential real estate

Floor: Ground floor apartment
Living space approx.: 30m² – 48m²
Available from: December 2025
Loggia or garden

From €186,000

2 bedroom apartments

dii - residential real estate

Floor: 1-5
Living space approx.: 48 m² – 73 m²
Available from: December 2025
Terrace or loggia

From €247,000

3-room apartments

dii - residential real estate

Floor: 1-5
Living space approx.: 80 m² – 123 m²
Available from: December 2025
Terrace or loggia

From €442,000

4-room apartments

dii - residential real estate

Floor: 1-5
Living space approx.: 102 m² – 150 m²
Available from: December 2025
Terrace or loggia

From €586,000

5 room apartments

dii - residential real estate

Floor: 4
Living space approx.: 162 m²
Available from: Dec 2025
Large terrace

From €945,000


Rooms: 4-5
Living space approx.: 132 m²162 m²
Available from: Dec 2025
Terraces / loggia / front garden

Upon request

Get there quickly, get home quickly
thanks to great connections

Whether Ludwigshafen or Mannheim, the commute to work remains short and pleasant for your employees. Above all, Mein Ludwigs' good public transport connections are noticeable. But e-mobility and inner-city bicycle traffic also play a major role in Mein Ludwigs' mobility concept. Aligned today with the mobility needs of tomorrow.

  • Charging infrastructure for electric cars
  • Sufficient underground parking spaces

  • Own car sharing station

  • Charging stations for e-bikes
  • Hundreds of bicycle parking spaces

  • Rent cargo bikes flexibly in the area

  • Top public transport connections
  • Live centrally & reach everything important within walking distance

  • Traffic-free paths in the district

Sustainably built – live energy-savingly

Your employee apartments fit the sustainable profile of your company. Not only the excellent thermal insulation, triple-glazed windows and heating with cheap, environmentally friendly district heating are part of Mein Ludwigs' sustainable concept. The special highlight are the green roofs. These improve thermal insulation in winter and summer and also ensure a pleasant microclimate in the residential complex.

A smart investment


Rents for new buildings in Ludwigshafen have recently increased by around 6 percent annually. Your employee apartments are not a recruiting tool that costs money - but an investment that creates long-term value.

Hardly any administrative effort thanks to an all-round, worry-free package

You can simply outsource the management and operation of your employee apartments in the Mein Ludwigs district to us. This keeps everything very simple for you. We also provide you with comprehensive advice in advance of your investment.

Reduce the costs of the

Unfilled positions, expensive recruiting processes, painful losses of knowledge due to the termination of important employees - the shortage of skilled workers costs you money every day. Employee apartments are your cost-saving trump card.

Every Tuesday 4 p.m. - 7 p.m.: Enjoy an
after work real estate salon with cool drinks!

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