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in Berlin-Pankow from € 574,000

Residential units
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We would like to present this vision to you. We, that is the d.i.i. Group. Better said: We are residential real estate. Since 2006, we have been developing excellent expertise as an integrated residential company.

d.i.i. is active in portfolio development, but also in the construction of attractive new properties in metropolitan areas. What distinguishes us in particular: We keep all the strings in our hands. Our own research department identifies land and properties with outstanding development potential throughout Germany. These in-house analyses have also led us to Uhlandstrasse 17-19 in Berlin. This has resulted in our UHli project, which could become your future home.

In this special location in the capital, we are having a residential complex with 38 units built in timber frame and solid wood construction – according to the certified standards that apply to d.i.i. projects: sustainable and socially compatible in the sense of the community. With ecological building materials, UHli meets ambitious climate targets. This benefits everyone. Those who live at UHli also benefit from the excellent indoor climate created by natural materials such as wood, natural insulating materials, clay and lime.

UHli creates modern living space in the middle of Berlin-Pankow. If you are interested in UHli as the center of your future life, we will show you what distinguishes UHli and who is behind it.

2-5 room apartments

From € 574,000

Available for occupancy: Q4 2025
From 76 sqm
Balcony or terrace

from € 590,000

Available for occupancy: Q4 2025
Approx. 81-116 sqm
Balcony or terrace

from € 928,000

Available for occupancy: Q4 2025
Approx. 115-154 sqm
Balcony or terrace

from € 1,356,000

Available for occupancy: Q4 2025
Approx. 153 sqm
Balcony or terrace


Verifiably sustainable

UHli has ambitions when it comes to quality of life and climate protection. And demonstrably fulfills them.

  • Sustainable materials
    Wood, lime, clay, hemp

  • KfW 40 NH
    High standard of the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau in terms of total energy requirement and building envelope insulation

  • NaWoh
    Seal of quality for sustainable housing

  • QNG
    Quality seal sustainable building

  • Solar energy
    Photovoltaics on the roof

  • Energy efficiency
    Heat supply via air-to-water heat pumps in combination with the PV system

  • E-mobility
    Parking spaces pre-equipped for e-charging stations

  • Accessibility
    Simple conversions thought through

Sustainability is more than an energy concept.

Our buildings are not lifeless shells. They provide for human interaction, strengthen togetherness and inspire everyday life. We unite density, urbanity and diversity, rethinking urban living space. We create a place for open, respectful coexistence. We believe that such places are essential building blocks of cohesion, happiness and creativity. That’s our idea of sustainability. And, of course, we can do energy efficiency, too.

Anyone who builds new buildings bears a special responsibility for the future. In view of climate change, this is clearer than ever. UHli is an ambitious building that meets complex requirements for environmental standards and quality of life.

We prove that we deliver when it comes to sustainability by having UHli certified according to the extraordinary quality seals of Sustainable Housing (NaWoh) and Sustainable Building (QNG), as well as achieving a subsidy according to the 40 NH standard of the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW). This is not only good for the climate, but also for the value retention of your investment.

UHli stands for the stylish
coexistence of individuals.

This is already evident in the furnishings. The elegant color scheme pays tribute to the idea of “nature of new living”. UHli is sustainable, healthy for people and good for the environment.

A niche for yourself
With a cup of tea or coffee in hand, greet the new day with a view outside – no matter what the weather. A sitting window is the perfect place for that! Choose between fixed glazing or the option to open the window with fall protection.

New sense of space with a push
Open or closed? Every moment, as you want it. Use your space as it suits you. Generously connected or separate retreat. Stylish to realize thanks to selected sliding doors.

Your wellness bath
Customize your bathroom to suit your rituals. For example, with an extra-wide washbasin…

Do you have any special requests?

Beautiful floors, attractively designed bathrooms and individual design options thanks to three different equipment lines, which – depending on the version at an extra charge – allow you to customize your new apartment in Berlin.

Go ahead. Your UHli should be as it suits you. The most important thing is set: natural materials. Wood, lime and clay give all rooms a healthy climate and a stylish ambience.

Upgrade for life:
Living in Berlin

Berlin is a city of superlatives, at least by German standards: Capital, largest German urban center – and metropolis with international flair. In Berlin, German history and a multitude of different cultures meet. Tradition meets modernity. Historical buildings meet contemporary architecture. It is said that Berlin is the city of unlimited possibilities. A place to develop and live extraordinarily. The lively yet relaxed atmosphere attracts people from all over the world here year after year.

Many come to visit. Some come to stay.

UHli as
capital investment?


Welcome to the market leader in real estate investment! One of our recipes for success is to think beyond the handover of keys during project development. That’s why we offer an all-round carefree package for those who want to acquire one of our lucrative properties but don’t want to live in it for the time being. The package includes leasing and management – and minimizes the traditional tasks and risks associated with residential leasing. We take care of it and always keep you informed about the current status. So you have more time for the finer things in life!

Curious now?


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