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The modern ensemble of different units is located in the middle of Berlin in one house. Here, your own apartment becomes the most beautiful of all gems and creates a home in the middle of one of the best districts in the vibrant city.

Pan&Co offers a place where individuality and community combine harmoniously. The architects' signature is reflected in every house, in the apartments and in the common areas. Flowing, multifunctional rooms create variable design options. Spacious balconies, roof terraces and gardens extend living outside.

Pan&Co's design idea on Mühlenstrasse is to design a residential complex that combines the qualities of the typical Berlin block with public spaces along urban plots with the advantages of the suburbs such as open garden landscapes and parks. What the apartment types have in common are the communal areas for cooking, eating and living, which form the center of the apartment and are oriented and open directly to the veranda as a covered “private garden”. Separate on the other side are smaller, equivalent rooms as private areas for working, sleeping or for guests. The clear room height of up to 2.95 meters, the floor-to-ceiling windows and the generously developed floor plans with the lush terraces convey calm and pleasant living comfort.