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Investments in German residential real estate

Residential real estate as a future-proof investment market - because everyone needs a home.

Are you looking for a way to invest your money wisely? How about investing in residential real estate ? Become part of the pioneering topic of housing creation , because regardless of political or economic developments – everyone needs a home .

With d.i.i. real estate funds you have the opportunity to invest in this lucrative market and at the same time participate in the future of all of us. Our real estate funds offer you numerous advantages: on the one hand, you benefit from our many years of experience and expertise in the industry ,

On the other hand, we offer you a high level of security : our funds are broadly diversified and therefore spread the risk. We also attach great importance to solid financing and transparent communication with our investors.

What investment type are you?

Why invest in
d.i.i. real estate funds ?


Stable market

Residential real estate has been a stable market for decades and is particularly in demand in times of economic uncertainty.


Experience & Expertise

With d.i.i. real estate funds, you benefit from our many years of experience and expertise in the industry.



We focus on sustainable residential properties with an eye on the environment that are not only profitable but also ecologically and socially responsible.


Transparency & Offer

We attach great importance to transparency and regularly inform our investors about the development of the funds. We offer a wide selection of different funds, so that there is a suitable offer for every type of investor.

Current investment opportunities

Private investors

Available Soon

Stay up to date and find out about our latest product. With our private investments you can invest in living space and at the same time in your own future.

(Semi-)professional investors

New building development

Special AIF
d.i.i. 17

Minimum investment: €200,000
Planned fund term: 6 years

Target return: 14.4% IRR*

Institutional investors
Core, Core+

Open special AIF
d.i.i. Wohninvest IV

Minimum investment: €5 million
Planned fund term: 10-12 years

Cash-on-cash pa: Ø 4.0%*
Target return : 7.5% IRR*

Sustainability at
the d.i.i. Group

The d.i.i. Group has been taking an active approach to dealing with issues such as energy efficiency and fair treatment of tenants for many years. To this end, d.i.i. has imposed a social charter on itself, within the framework of which guidelines are regulated for compliance with social, ecological and sustainable obligations in the course of investing and managing residential real estate.

d.i.i. 's corporate culture has always been characterized by long-term thinking and responsible action. The topic of sustainability therefore plays a crucial role in our corporate strategy.

 Our ESG criteria in every stage of our investment processes .

Investor News

In this format we address the most important topics that have occupied the media in recent weeks. We have compiled the most relevant media articles and studies for you, classified them and commented on them from the perspective of an insider in the residential real estate market.

Included this month:

d.i.i. draws a successful sustainability balance

June 30, 2023 |

2. Annual sustainability report outlines progress and interim goals towards the goal of a climate-neutral portfolio by 2045 Reorganization in the area of ​​ESG with ESG officer and ESG management team d.i.i. [...]

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The most important topics for investors

* Non-binding forecast (expected transfer of ownership, benefits and burdens of the investment property to the property company) - the occurrence of the non-binding forecast cannot be predicted with certainty. Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance. It cannot be ruled out that the assumptions, estimates, forecasts and statements made by third parties regarding the future economic development of the fund later prove to be incorrect. Achieving the forecast payments depends on a number of factors that cannot be influenced (e.g. future inflation developments, property value development) and cannot therefore be guaranteed. In addition, the forecast reliability decreases with increasing duration.

** Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of the European Parliament and of the Council of November 27, 2019 on sustainability-related disclosure obligations in the financial services sector (“Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation” – “Disclosure Regulation”)

The products on this website are aimed exclusively at institutional investors; Distribution to private investors is also not permitted.

This overview does not constitute investment brokerage or investment advice, legal or tax advice, nor an offer or a request to make an offer regarding the purchase or sale of shares in the listed investment funds. Only the legally required sales documents of the listed investment funds are relevant. The purchase of shares is only possible on the basis of the legal sales documents, which are available from d.i.i. Investment GmbH using the contact details provided below. An essential part of these sales documents is the information document in accordance with Section 307 KAGB, which contains information about the present fund product, in particular information about risks, structure, any distribution restrictions and relevant tax matters, as well as, if applicable, the so-called “key investor information”. The information does not replace legal and/or tax advice tailored to the investor's individual circumstances, taking into account his or her financial, tax and legal circumstances.

Please note that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

d.i.i. Investment GmbH, as of: August 2023

Risk information
The investor participates in the assets and results (profit and loss) of the investment company in accordance with his participation quota within the framework of the contractual agreements. Investing in the investment company involves not only the chance of income in the form of payouts but also the risk of loss. The following risks can affect the performance of the investment fund and thus the investor's results.

The risks described can occur individually or cumulatively. In the event of a negative development, this can lead to the investor partially or completely missing the forecast payouts and to a partial or complete loss of his capital contribution.

The investor's maximum risk consists of a complete loss of his capital contribution plus wasted expenses for additional costs and the additional risk to his other assets due to tax payments to be made, as well as interest, compensation and payment obligations to third parties, the investment company, the shareholders and the other investors due to payment obligations from any personal external financing of the share in the investment company that may have been concluded. This can lead to the investor becoming insolvent.

Risks of negative performance) Market risks)

In addition to the risks arising from fluctuations in the market value of assets in public AIFs, there are special risks associated with real estate ownership. This includes vacancies, rent arrears and loss of rent, which can result from, among other things, changes in location quality or tenant creditworthiness. This can cause the value of the property to decrease.

Changes in the quality of the location may result in the location no longer being suitable for the selected use. The condition of the building may require maintenance expenses that are not always predictable (see notes on operational risks). Possible changes in tax law can affect the income from the property.

Credit risks

The AIF finances the property partly with borrowed capital. This external financing must be serviced regardless of the AIF's income situation. If the company is unable to fully meet its obligations from long-term debt financing, such as interest and repayment, this may lead to a block on payments. In addition, the financing bank has the right to demand further standard bank security or to terminate the loan and make it due and, if necessary, to pursue foreclosure. Through external financing, the AIF's profitability increases if the performance is positive; if the performance is negative, the ongoing interest and repayment claims mean that the AIF's equity is used up more quickly ("leverage effect").

Risk of insolvency, lack of deposit insurance

The AIF can become insolvent or become over-indebted. Lower income and/or higher expenses than forecast can lead to liquidity bottlenecks and payment difficulties or even insolvency for the investment company, as the AIF does not belong to a deposit protection system.

Counterparty risks

There is a risk of premature liquidation or even insolvency of the AIF if the limited partnership capital cannot be placed and the placement guarantor does not fulfill its obligation under the placement guarantee.

There are risks with regard to the fulfillment of rental agreement obligations, rental income (tenant's insolvency) as well as follow-up rentals and possible vacancies.

There is also the risk that one or more tenants may assert rent reductions or retention rights or terminate the rental agreement completely due to defects in the property or external influences on the environment and/or surroundings and that out-of-court or in-court disputes may arise in this regard.

There is a risk that the investment property will not be ready for acceptance by the time of handover and the purchase contract will therefore not be completed on time. Furthermore, there is a risk that the seller will not fulfill his contractual obligations. This can lead to the reversal of the AIF.

Operational and tax risks

Real estate-specific risks, such as unforeseeable construction defects and contaminated sites, can lead to a reduction in the value of the property.

Conflicts of interest (e.g. due to capital and personnel connections between the KVG and the investment company as well as the shareholders and outsourcing companies) can lead to disadvantageous decisions for investors.

Key persons (members of the management of the investment company and/or key employees of the KVG) may be absent or may not fulfill their duties completely and properly.

Changes to the tax, legal and/or regulatory framework in Germany (possibly also retroactively) as well as unforeseen actual developments can have a negative impact on the earnings situation or value of the investment fund.

Shareholder risks

This offer is a long-term entrepreneurial investment. A redemption or ordinary termination of the shares during the term of the investment company (including any extensions) is excluded. The transfer or other disposal of shares is only possible to a limited extent and requires, among other things, the consent of a managing partner. There is no regulated market for the sale of shares in the investment company; A sale of the share is therefore only possible via a secondary market, if one exists.

Investors can initially only participate indirectly as trustors via the trustee; A limited partner is directly liable to the creditors of the AIF in the amount of his liability amount recorded in the commercial register (1% of the limited partner's contribution).

If the investor has made a deposit of at least this liability amount, personal liability is excluded.

The investor's liability can be revived if the investment company makes payments to the investors that are not covered by corresponding profits and as a result the investor's capital contribution falls below the amount of the liability recorded in the commercial register.

There is also the risk of the investor becoming liable to the AIF if the investor has received payments that are not covered by the corresponding profits of the AIF and, as a result, leads to undercapitalization of the personally liable partner of the AIF ("internal liability"). Internal liability is not limited to the amount of liability entered in the commercial register.

Investors are not obliged to make additional contributions and cannot be justified by a shareholder resolution.

Investors bear the risk of the AIF becoming insolvent. By purchasing a share in the investment company, the investor enters into a long-term commitment. He should therefore include all possible risks in his investment decision.

These cannot be fully and conclusively explained at this point. A detailed description of the risks can only be found in Chapter 5 “Risk information” in the sales prospectus.

Risk of changes in the legal situation in connection with the ESG criteria:

With regard to the integration of ESG criteria into the AIF's investment strategy, it should be noted that the legal situation is undergoing significant changes. This applies in particular to the regulatory framework for sustainable investments, which results primarily from Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 (“Disclosure Regulation”). The Disclosure Regulation contains a variety of transparency requirements.

Further details are currently being determined by the legislature and have not yet been taken into account in the sales prospectus. Due to new legal requirements, the AIF's investment strategy may need to be adjusted. It cannot be ruled out that the AIF does not or no longer meets the requirements for a so-called ESG strategy product in accordance with Article 8 of the Disclosure Regulation due to changed legal requirements.

This website is general and non-binding information, which was created by d.i.i. Investment GmbH exclusively for general information purposes. These are not financial analyses, and are therefore not subject to the legal requirements promoting the independence of financial analyses, nor to the prohibition on trading following the dissemination of financial analyses. The information contained in this document does not take into account any individual circumstances on the part of the recipient. This document does not constitute investment brokerage or investment advice, legal or tax advice, nor an offer or a request to make an offer regarding the purchase or sale of shares in the investment fund discussed in this document. The information in this document does not replace one Advice tailored to the investor's individual circumstances, taking into account his or her financial, tax and legal circumstances.

Please note that any information on the website regarding the investment fund's past performance does not allow a reliable conclusion to be drawn about future performance; The performance of the investment fund in the past is no guarantee of future performance. No guarantee is given for future performance or for the achievement of the results and earnings forecasts contained in this document. Income generated in the future is subject to taxation, which depends on the investor's personal circumstances and may change in the future.

This website was created to the best of our knowledge and belief and makes no claim to being up-to-date or complete. Information and statements that do not represent historical facts but are future-oriented are based on d.i.i. Investment GmbH's current assessments, expectations and forecasts with regard to market and industry developments. These information, analyzes and forecasts are based on the level of knowledge and market assessment of d.i.i. Investment GmbH at the time of creation. d.i.i. Investment GmbH assumes no warranty or guarantee for the information contained in this document, in particular not for the accuracy of data that clearly comes from third parties (e.g. source information), and no liability for losses or damages of any kind in connection with this document, unless these were caused by gross negligence or intent on the part of d.i.i. Investment GmbH or its legal representatives and are causally related to the potential damage. The information may change at any time without notice to the recipients.

d.i.i. Investment GmbH, as of: August 2023