• 2. Annual sustainability report outlines progress and interim goals towards the goal of a climate-neutral portfolio by 2045

  • Reorganization in the area of ​​ESG with ESG officer and ESG management team

  • d.i.i. is officially committed to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and the United Nations Global Compact

Wiesbaden, June 30, 2022 – The d.i.i. Group, a leading specialist for residential real estate in Germany, has published the sustainability report for the 2022 financial year. In it, the company transparently presents the progress it has achieved and sets out in detail the long-term strategy for further optimizing d.i.i. 's sustainability performance - until the eventual achievement of a nationwide, almost climate-neutral residential real estate portfolio in 2045.

The d.i.i. residential real estate portfolio currently includes around 14,000 existing units and 1,600 units in the project development phase. By 2030, this stock should emit at least 20-30 percent less CO₂ than currently, among other things by reducing the energy efficiency classes to at least efficiency class E. This makes d.i.i. three years more ambitious than specified in the current draft of the EU Building Directive. CO₂ emissions should be almost completely eliminated by 2045. Smart metering should also be implemented across the board by 2024 to automatically record all main meter consumption data.

Realignment in the area of ​​ESG

Since the beginning of the year, the d.i.i. Group has had both an ESG officer and an ESG management team. While the ESG officer builds a bridge between the specialist departments and the central, interdisciplinary ESG committee that meets at least quarterly, the ESG management team is responsible for the development of transformation paths as well as the operational implementation of the developed sustainability strategies of the properties and funds. The ESG officer is responsible for the further development of the sustainability strategy and coordinates and monitors the achievement of ESG targets at fund and company level. ESG management is then responsible for implementing the operational sustainability goals and collecting ESG data. d.i.i therefore relies on the interaction of regulatory requirements and technical expertise.

New commitments underline d.i.i.

Since 2022, d.i.i. has been an official signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and the United Nations Global Compact. d.i.i. thus voluntarily commits to central sustainability goals relating to the integration and reporting of ESG aspects in investment decisions.

“Our corporate culture has always been characterized by long-term thinking and responsible action. The topic of sustainability therefore plays a crucial role in our entire corporate strategy. In addition to climate protection, our focus is also on our social responsibility, health protection and occupational safety. Of course, we are also continually working to further optimize our governance and compliance management systems. For us, sustainability is more than just climate protection and we want to take a leading position in the real estate industry in all aspects,” explains Frank Wojtalewicz, CEO of Deutsche Invest Immobilien AG.